It was on this day that D. Cidália Batel and her husband decided to open O Veleiro together with a couple of friends, to whom years later they would acquire their share. They have since become its sole owners.

The complicity in the work and the sharing of a joint vision dedicated to the art of serving well made owners and employees into a family united in the common purpose of welcoming those who visited them in the best way.

"We are a family for life!"

After completing her first cooking course at the Hotel School of Coimbra, D. Cidália took over the leadership of the restaurant's kitchen, thus being responsible for the continuity of the gastronomic heritage of the region, preserving the original customs and flavors which can still be enjoyed today at O Veleiro.

Since those early days and even with rudimentary accesses, the Torreira village was already receiving several national and foreign tourists, captivated by the natural charms of this land. The offer of accommodation, however, was scarce.

It was at that time that O Veleiro grew to respond to this demand, also offering the accommodation service, offering 3 triple rooms with full bathroom and balcony overlooking the wonderful Ria de Aveiro.

"We learn to love what we do."

D. Cidália is proud to say that “whoever visits us, falls in love with the land, the landscape, the peace - The Ria de Aveiro is a paradise!”. At O Veleiro everything is done and thought to make you feel at home, because the well-being of guests is a priority and a huge satisfaction!

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Avenida Engenheiro
Duarte Pacheco N°48,
3870-322 Torreira, Portugal

Information & Reservations

+351 234 838 650


Open from: 10:00 to 23:00
Closed: Wednesday,
execpt for July and August

Information & Reservations

+351 234 838 650